The Team

Mike Kim

Owner / Founder

Mike Kim was born in South Korea and relocated to the US at the age of 5. He grew up with his mom, a multiple business owner and 4 sisters. His passion for food was inspired by the elaborate home cooking of his mother and sisters. Mike decided to embrace the finance world, attending and graduating with a degree in Business and Administration, then started his career in Investment Banking.

Mike and Stefano Ongaro, met at Stefano’s restaurant, All’ Angelo, and became friends.

While still in the finance world, he opened 2nd Floor Sport Bar in February 2016. After several meetings with Stefano, the two businessmen collaborated to develop a fresh/contemporary Italian concept that they both are passionate about.

Stefano Ongaro

Executive Chef / General Manager

Stefano Ongaro grew up surrounded by great food and wine in Venice, Italy. He learned culinary traditions from his grandfather, a professional chef, who taught Stefano the refined principles of Italian dining. As a young man, Stefano decided to pursue sports, and became a baseball player in Verona, Italy. He spent 10 years as a pitcher before retiring at age 30 and moving to Los Angeles.

Without knowing anything about the city’s restaurant culture, he knocked on the door of the internationally famous Valentino and asked for a job. Renowned restaurateur Piero Selvaggio took him on as a waiter, and soon after, recognizing Stefano’s natural talent for hospitality and refined dining traditions, made him Captain and then Maître d’

After a 14-year run with Selvaggio, Stefano met Chef Sal Marino, and enjoyed his food so much that he decided to move on to become Maître d’ and General Manager of Marino’s Il Grano restaurant. Stefano’s expertise in the dining room and his talents as a wine consultant helped lift the reputation of the already revered Il Grano to an even higher level on the Los Angeles fine dining scene.

After a 4 years run at Il Grano, Stefano opened All’ Angelo in 2007 a multi awarded restaurant, a very passionate venture, as his greatest pleasure is making sure that the food, wine, service and atmosphere give diners the experience of a fine Italian restaurant. Unfortunately the writer strike and the global collapsing economy forced him to close the doors.

He moved on and went back to Baseball, founding and managing a company Licensed by MLB to produce and distribute the 24 karat gold leather baseball which were used at the Home Run Derby as the Money Ball.

Stefano’s passion for the restaurant industry has prevailed. Teaming up with Mike Kim to revamp and transform his sport bar in to a fine Italian restaurant is an exciting move for everyone involved.

Stefano designed the menu according to his Venetian knowledge in tapas style “Cichetti”.